Department of Agricultural Extension and Cooperatives or “DAEC” is a Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry established with the Agreement of the Ministry on Organization and Function of  DAEC, MAF No. 1896/AF dated 10 August 2012 which supersede National Agriculture and Forestry Extension Service (NAFES) established in June 19, 2001.


The role of  DAEC is to:

· Manage and promote agriculture extension;

· Organize and strengthen production groups;

· Provide technical trainings to farmer groups;

· Disseminate information;

· Promote use of machinery and modern production technologies.

DAEC is also mandated to coordinate with development partners within and outside the country to contribute the development of agricultural sector in Laos.


Four Breakthroughs in Supporting Small Farmers

1. Strengthen services to enhance food security of rural communities

2. Strengthen services to enhance sustainability and productivity of small farmers

3. Improve benefits of market engagement to small farmers

4. Improve small farmers’ access to resources and inputs



Main Duties 

1. farm for commodity production and food security; promote contract farming moving forward to establish new agriculture cooperatives or associations enabling development of a stronger economy at the grassroots level

2. Establish and improve technical service centers and extension staff at all levels (national, provincial, district and village )

3. Support and promote development of integrated agriculture production utilizing new scientific results, machinery and advanced technology of farming practices and potentials of commodity  productions and integrated farming to increase productivity, improve quality and reduce production costs

4. Establish a system to dissemination and provide information services on production techniques, processing, marketing, utilization of water and prevention of plants and livestock disease

5. Promote sustainable development of cooperatives operating agribusiness and provision of services to access credit, use of scientific production techniques, access to domestic and international markets and exchange experiences within the country and abroad;

6. Develop a mechanism to cooperate with research institutes, other departments and development partners to mobilize resources and technical supports for development and implementation of programs and projects on agricultural extension, group and cooperative development.

 The detail mandate of DAEC is available here

 Organisational Structure